Type Samples

This section is called the lead. It features a larger font-size and lighter font weight. It’s a good way to create an introduction to your post/page. You can add it by wrapping the text you’d like styled this way in the [lead] shortcode.

This is a h1 tag

This is a h2 tag

This is a h3 tag

This is a h4 tag

This is a h5 tag
This is a h6 tag

You can also add elements inside a paragraph. This is text that’s bold. Here is some italicized text to go along with it. Links are great to have too.

Do or do not. There is no try.

Lists are great too. Here’s an ordered list (with numbers):

  1. List Item
  2. List Item
  3. List Item
  4. List Item
  5. List Item
  6. List Item
  7. List Item
  8. List Item

Here is an unordered list:

  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item
  • List Item


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